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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tender Notice - SLNS Devastanam Yadagirigutta

After long time am posting today, due to personal and professional life i couldn't concentrate on the regular posting, when i came to know my situation, i shifted to Facebook page to upto date the info who ever following this site regularly. hope you checked the details. Facebook page link : https://www.facebook.com/yadagirigutta

Sorry to some of commentators, that due to some technical issues in site settings in web portal lots of comments gone in to the spam mails and i didn't observed that for long period. hope you don't mind. 

today just seen the tender notice of the yadagirigutta temple and i thought it may helpful to anybody of business people. check the details in below attachment pic. 

Source : epaper Namasthe Telangana, 07.09.2014


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dwajarohanam at Temple

Part of the Brahmotsavam 2014 at Yadagirigutta today dwajarohanam program held.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Express Trains Halt At Raigir for Brahmotsav 2014

In view of the Annual Brahmotsav 2014 of Yadagirigutta Sri Laxmi Narasaimha Swamy, few express trains will be halt for 1 minute from 08.03.2014 to 12.03.2014 at Raigir Railway Station which is the nearest Railway Station (4 Km)  to Yadagirigutta. the trains are : 

No 17202/17201 Golconda Express (Guntur-Secunderabad-Guntur)
No.17233/17234 Bhagyanagar Express (Balharsha- Secunderabad - Balharsha)
No.17035/17036 Telangana Express ((Sirpur Kagaznagar - Secunderabad - Sirpur Kagaznagar)

News clip from : Eenadu Epaper, 23.02.2014
There is a demand from the local people and devotees to develop the Raigir Station, and change of name for the station as Yadagirigutta Road or Yadagirigutta, or make new line to yadagirigutta town. but not even a single step has been taken from the any authorities. Expecting in coming Telangana State our own leaders may look in this issue.


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