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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Developements at Yadagirigutta - Press note by Telangana CMO

As i have been wrote previously, this region was totally neglected by the previous govts in last 60 years.  but in Telangana Govt of the New Telangana State and the Hon'ble first CM of Telangana #KCR, Visited this holy place and, allocated 100 Crores in 1st Budget of Telangana State and today give more guideline to the officers about the development of the yadagirigutta. there are lots of news spreading in and around yadagirigutta will write soon with more details. but we native feeling that very shortly every body will see a new Yadagirigutta.

1. Yadagirigutta SLSNS Devastanam will be administrated with Independent body (swayam prathipathi)
2. will be developed as Watikan City
3. Proposed Regional Ring Road will be go through via yadagirigutta
4. Highest Hanuman statue of India will be constructed  in Yadagirigutta
5. Mr. G Kishan Rao, Special officer of Silparamam, appointed as Incharge officer for plans and developments programs of yadagirigutta

and many more, regarding this, a official press note also released by Telangana CMO 

Source : Telangana CMO 


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