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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

YTDA Yadadri Master Plan 2017

Yadagirigutta Proposed Town Plan
YTDA Yadadri Draft Master Plan 2017 Advertisement was published in Local News papers on 08-12-2017 and requesting suggestions, objection (if any) from the Citizen, organization and Local Associations as per the Said Notifications 7 Villages covered in YTDA and Master Plan prepared and proposed for that villages only.

Villages under YTDA

1. Yadagirpalli (Yadagirigutta Mandal)
2. Gundlapally (Yadagirigutta Mandal)
3. Saidapur (Yadagirigutta Mandal)
4. Mallapur (Yadagirigutta Mandal)
5. Datarpalli (Yadagirigutta Mandal)
6. Raigir (Bhongir Mandal)
7. Baswapur (Bhongir Mandal) 
Proposed Plan of Road Network

I will write more details and proposals here after all verification of plan shortly, re-browse this site for updates. 

All Source taken from Master plan published in www.ytda.in 
Click for download   YTDA Master Plan Map

Click for download  Master plan Summary

(Please download the above PDF files in to your system and then check with zooming it)

News paper Advertisement in Eenadu on 08.12.2017 


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ring Road to Yadadri - Yadadri Municipality - CM tour Highlights

During the visit of Yadadri Hon'ble CM KCR give surprise to the locals with two announcements on 24.11.2017.

1. Ring Road to Yadadri  with lenth of 7 Km and he announced 143 Crore for it 
2. He directed to the officials to make Yadari as Municipality. 

along with these more he described his plan of yadadri i.e. 
  • From Vangapalli to Yadagiri Gutta, a Rail Over Bridge should be constructed on Secunderabad-Kazipet railway line
  • Develop Pedda Cheruvu at Rayagiri and Gandi Cheruvu in Yadagiri Gutta under Mission Kakatiya Programme
  • Formation of Armed Reserve Head Quarters of Rachakonda Police in Commisionarates in Yadagiri Gutta to enable the services of 100-150 Armed Constables for the visiting VVIPs and the pilgrims
  • He wanted 40 acres should be earmarked for organising Pravachanams during the Brahmotsavam and it should accommodate about 2 lakh devotees without any problem
  • The New Bus Complex should also come. 
  • Development of the Gandi Cheruvu, which is in 33 acres into a tank with steps (Koneru). He wanted the Tank embankment to be widened, proper lighting arranged and it should be beautified with landscaping. He wanted modernization of the tank so that  every year Boats celebration can be organised
  • Law and order should be monitored through the CCTV cameras. YTDA should have its own security Guards
  • Sanctioned an exclusive ACP office for Yadadri and a police station for the Temple city. We are allocating 50 acres for the police department to have its offices and quarters
  • There will be a huge demand for the drinking water both for the locals and the visiting devotees. Every day about 15 to 20 lakh litres of water is required. Under Mission Bhagiratha lay the pipelines. Since we want Yadadri to have wonderful green landscape, water is required to maintain it. Fill up tanks such as Pedda Cheruvu, Gandi Cheruvu and others tanks with water from Gandhamalla reservoir.
  • Modernize the Primary Health Centre of Yadagirigutta 
Source : Telangana CMO FB page 

Tour pics :    


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Uninterrupted Power and Water Supply to Yadadri

In view of the CM Sri K Chandrashekar Rao's Visit to Yadadri tomorrow (24.11.2017), high level Official review meeting was held at Temple premises, in that some issues are decided as follows: 
Departments involved in the renovation and development of the Yadagirigutta temple have been instructed to expedite works, including setting up of a dedicated 33/11 KV sub-station there.

CMO Additional Officer K. Bhoopal Reddy confirmed Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s visit to the hill shrine on Friday, saying the CM will review the development works. 

On Wednesday, Mr. Reddy held a meeting with the departments concerned where he said, “All permissions for the sub-station have been granted. Its installation will ensure 24x7 power supply on the hill.”

He also asked officials to start construction of tanks and pipelines for uninterrupted water supply as per plans under Mission Bhagiratha.

Work on four-lane approaches and road expansion that were halted due to pending land acquisition should be resumed, he told them. It was also decided to complete most of the phase-I works by March 2018, the latest revised deadline. 

Source : The Hindu, 23.11.2017 


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Karthika Pournami - Heavy Rush - Yadadri

Today 04-11-2017, is the Karthika Pournami Day, devotees from around the state and other places visiting yadagirigutta and doing their satyanarayana vrathams, due to this all the streets and temple premises is observing heavy rush in every place. temple authority made all the arrangements for the devotees. 


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Karthika Masam - Special Vratha Pujas

Karthika Masam which going to start from tomorrow i.e. 20.10.2017, SLNS Devastanam Yadadri making special arrangements for devotees for perform their Satyanarayana Vrathams at Yadagirigutta Hill top Temple, Said Devastanam Executive Officer Ms Geetha in press meet.

During this period six batches of Vratha Pujas will be held at Temple every day from 20-10-2017 to 18-11-2017. as usual more devotees are expecting for perform said puja at Yadagirigutta, Temple authorities making arrangements do this puja at Kalyana Katta also along with Dormitory Hall which has been utilizing for this since the re-constructions works are began. devotee can contact officials for more info or help at office, she said.    

Batch Timings for Vrathams for Karthika Masam : 

1st Batch :          6:30 AM to 7:30 AM  
2nd Batch :         8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
3rd Batch :         10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
4th Batch :         12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
5th Batch :         2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
6th Batch :         4:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Note : Karthika Pournami Day total 9 Batches are planning including above and timings may changed)


Friday, July 21, 2017

Yadagirigutta New Platform Nos in MGBS Bus Stand Hyderabad

In MGBS Bus Stand (Hyderabad Central Bus Station, Imli Ban) Yadagirigutta Platform Nos Changed to 18 to 22. Every 30 Min Yadagirigutta Bus available from Hyderabad Bus Stations  other route platform nos also changed as follows :

ఎంజీబీఎస్ బస్ స్టేషన్‌లో ప్లాట్‌ఫామ్ నెంబర్లు మారాయి

ప్లాట్‌ఫామ్ నెంబర్ల కొత్త జాబితాను ఆర్‌టీసీ అధికారులు ఇవాళ విడుదల చేశారు.

కొ్త ప్లాట్‌ఫామ్ నెంబర్ల జాబితా

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ప్లాట్‌ఫాంలపై గరుడ ప్లస్‌, వెన్నెల, అమారవతి, ఐరావత్‌ బస్సులు ఆగుతాయి.

6 , 7 ప్లాట్‌ఫామ్‌లపై బెంగళూరు వెళ్లే తెలంగాణ ఆర్టీసీ బస్సులు ఆగుతాయి.

8వ ప్లాట్‌ఫాంపై బెంగళూరు వెళ్లే కేఎస్‌ఆర్టీసీ బస్సులు

9వ ప్లాట్‌ఫాంపై అనంతపూరం, ధర్మవరం, పుట్టపర్తి బస్సులు

10 , 11 - ఖమ్మం, భద్రాచలం, మణుగూరు వెళ్లే బస్సులు

12 - సత్తుపల్లి, రాజమహేంద్రవరం, పోలవరం వెళ్లే బస్సులు

13 - కుంట, బైలాదిల్లా, జగదల్‌పూర్‌ బస్సులు

14 - నల్గొండ, మిర్యాలగూడ, కోదాడ బస్సులు

16, 17 - గుంటూరు, నరసారావుపేట, చిలకలూరిపేట వెళ్లే బస్సులు

18 నుంచి 22 వరకు: యాదగిరిగుట్ట, వరంగల్‌

23 - శ్రీశైలం వెళ్లే బస్సులు

24 , 25 - అచ్చంపేట, కల్వకుర్తి బస్సులు

36 - కర్ణాటకలోని రాయచూర్‌కు వెళ్లే బస్సులు ఆగుతాయి

27 నుంచి 31 వరకు - మహబూబ్‌నగర్‌, వనపర్తి, నారాయణపేట, హుబ్లీ

32 నుంచి 34 వరకు - నాగర్‌కర్నూలు, కొల్లాపూర్‌, షాద్‌నగర్‌

35 నుంచి 36 వరకు - విజయవాడ, తెనాలి, ఏలూరు (టీఎస్‌ఆర్టీసీ) బస్సులు

37 నుంచి 38 వరకు - విజయవాడ, తెనాలి, ఏలూరు (ఏపీఎస్‌ఆర్టీసీ) బస్సులు

39వ ప్లాట్‌ఫాంపై - విశాఖ, శ్రీకాకుళం, విజయనగరం, పార్వతీపురం, అమలాపురం, గుడివాడ, కాకినాడ (టీఎస్‌ఆర్టీసీ) బస్సులు

40వ ప్లాట్‌ఫాం - విశాఖ, శ్రీకాకుళం, విజయనగరం, పార్వతీపురం, అమలాపురం, గుడివాడ, కాకినాడ (ఏపీఎస్‌ఆర్టీసీ) బస్సులు

41, 42 ప్లాట్‌ఫామ్‌లపై - గద్వాల్‌, కర్నూలు, కడప, తిరుపతి, చిత్తూరు (టీఎస్‌ఆర్టీసీ) బస్సులు

43 నుంచి 45 వరకు - కర్నూలు, కడప, తిరుపతి, చిత్తూరు (ఎపీఎస్‌ఆర్టీసీ) బస్సులు

46 నుంచి 47 వరకు - మెదక్‌, బాన్సువాడ, బోధన్‌ వెళ్లే బస్సులు

48 నుంచి 52 వరకు- జహీరాబాద్‌, నారాయణఖేడ్‌, కరాడ్‌, షోలాపూర్‌, పుణె, ముంబయి, (టీఎస్‌ఆర్టీసీ, ఎంఎస్‌ఆర్టీసీ) బస్సులు

53 నుంచి 55 వరకు - సిద్దిపేట, వేములవాడ, కరీంగనర్‌, మంచిర్యాల, అసీఫాబాద్‌ బస్సులు

56 నుంచి 58 వరకు - నిజామాబాద్‌, ఆదిలాబాద్‌, నాగ్‌పూర్‌, అమరావతి బస్సులు

59 నుంచి 61 వరకు - మంచిర్యాల, ఒంగోలు, చెన్నై బస్సులు

62వ ప్లాట్‌ఫాం - దేవరకొండ

63 నుంచి 65 వరకు - పరిగి, వికారాబాద్‌, తాండూరు బస్సులు

66 నుంచి 75 వరకు - ఎలైటింగ్‌ పాయింట్లు
76 నుంచి 79 వరకు -సిటీ సర్వీస్‌ బస్సులు


Monday, July 17, 2017

Sevas at Yadagirigutta Yadadri

I have been receiving many enquiries about some Puja performs at Yadagirigutta Yadadri Temple. Accordingly I am herewith giving separate link pages for that with details, so devotees can plan easily their travel to Yadagirigutta. Click below links.  


Kalyana Katta Yadagirigutta

Kalyana Katta

Thala Neelalu, Mundan or Tonsure etc 
Devotees scarifies their head hair at Devastanam's "Kalyana Katta" at Yadadri. Now Newly constructed Kalyana Katta is situated at near Gandi Cheruvu back side of the Yadadri Hill, free RTC buses are available from Yadagirigutta Bus Stand to there. Temple Uphill regularly. (Now Kalyana Katta moved to Tulasi Cottage at Down Town - Updated 06-11-2020) Updated on 01-05-2022

Ticket of just Rs.50/- (Fifty Rupees only)  w.e.f 08.10.2022

Timings :    

Morning 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM  (Every Day, Tuesdays also available)

(1 to 2 Lunch Break),

This is a very regular process here providing by the SLNSD Devastanam,

if you wanted to perform like a event then you have to arrange yourself all the things like Pujari, Sannayi etc., 
Yadadri - Yadagirigutta Kalyana katta (Thala Neelalu) has been moved to Laxmi Sadanam Hall at Down hill w.e.f toady 06.11.2020 at Tulasi Cottege Location Near to 1st Ghat Road Due to Reconstruction works at Uphill.


Vahana Puja at Yadagirigutta Yadadri

Vahana Puja / Vehicle Puja

Vahanapuja is available at Down Hill, Tulasi Cottage, near to 1st Ghat Road   at Old Goshala Premises (East Side of the Yadadri Hill)

Since the Temple Reconstructions works, Vahana PuJa location changed somany times since 2016 and Now it is available Near New Satayanarayana Vratha Mandapam, Behind 3rd Ghat Road back side of the Yadadri Hill New Temple Complex (North Side).   

Timings for Vahanapuja :
7.00 AM to 1.00 PM and
2.00 PM to 7.00 PM   

Ticket Price : 

  • Scooter : 300/-
  • Auto : 400/-
  • Car : 600/-
  • Bus / Lorry / Tractor : 1000/-
all the Samagri will be provided by temple authority.

(updated 04-03-2024)
Updated on 09-12-2020      Updated 30.08.2021 


Kalyanaotsavam Seva at Yadagirigutta Yadadri

(updated 21-11-2022) 

Yadadri Sri Swamy Vari Nitya Kalyanotsava Seva

Devotees can participate in Nitya Kalyana Mahotsava Seva at Yadadri Temple Uphill every day. During Bahmotsavam, Jayanthi or any other special occasion this seva is not performing for temporarily, otherwise this can perform every day.

kalyanotsavam ticket price  is Rs.1500/-. per couple 

(500g Laddu, Pulihora, Vada, Sheshavastram will be given to devotees)

tickets can purchase at Temple Office or you can book online at Yadadri Official Website at https://yadadritemple.telangana.gov.in/

Timing  9.00 AM to 11.30 AM

Should be present before the time.

update : 17-07-2017
updated : 30-08-2021


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Satyanarayana Vratham at Yadagirigutta Yadadri

Satyanarayana Vratham (updated on 12-11-2023) 

Satyanarayana Vratham is one of the big event which is performed every day at Yadadri Temple. Lots of devotees around the state are coming to Yadagirigutta to perform this. 

Ticket price is Rs.800/-  
Yadadri Online Booking facility available at temples official website https://yadadritemple.telangana.gov.in/ , Tickets also available at Satayanarayana Vratha Mandapam. 
Location : 
Now Permanently Constructed Satayanarayan Vratha Mandapam started at 3rd Ghat Road, Back side of the Yadadri Hill (North Side) where all the amenities available for devotees like, Parking, Kalyanakatta, Pushkarini, New Bus Stand Etc., and easily can go through on the Yadagirigutta Inner Ring Road. 
Ticket price is Rs.500/-  
(there is no online booking facility due to renovation works)
Tickets available at Temple office uphills Vratham Counter only, check more details at counters.

All Puja Samagri will be arranged by SLNS Devastanam except Fruits etc.,   

Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham Timings

below are the regular daily schedules, during heavy rush timings and batches will be increased accordingly.  

Morning        : 07.30 am (1st Batch), 10.00 am (2nd Batch)

Afternoon     : 12.00 pm (3rd Batch) 

Evening         : 04.00 pm (4th Batch) 


Please note : Sathyanarayana Vratha puja location changed to Down hill Old Goshala Area (east Side of Yadadri Hill) Updated on 01.09.2021

Click here to know about 2020 Karthika Masam Schedule 


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy vaari Jayanthi - Yadadri

Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy vaari Jayanthi Celebrations 2017  at Yadagirigutta  today 09.05.2017.

Photos Courtesy : SLNS Devastanam Yadagirigutta


Monday, March 6, 2017

Kalyana Mahotsvam at Bala Alayam

Sri LaxmiNarasimha Swamy vaari Tiru Kalayna mahotsavam traditionally celebrated in Bala Alayam at Uphill today and One More Kalyana Vaibhavam is going to celebrated at ZPHS Yadagirigutta Groudn Down hill in few minutes.. this is a first time that Kalyanam is celebrated two times and also at Down Hill (updated 8.45PM) all the below pictures are during the Bala Alayam event today morning.

SLNS Devastanam Executive Officer Ms Geetha and Chariman B Narasimhamurthy

Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Dist Collector Ms Anitha Ramchandran and Aler MLA Ms Gongidi Sunitha


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Govardanagiri Alankara Seva - Brahmotsavam 2017

Day 6
Govardanagiri Alankara Seva - Brahmotsavam 2017


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