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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Yadagirigutta Sarpanch

Telangana Rastra Samithi (TRS) Supported candidate Budidha Swamy has won Sarpanch Elections 2013 of Yadagirigutta Grampanchayath. Since the counting of votes started very late at 5:30 PM on 23.07.2013, the results of the same came next day morning at 6:00AM.  

First time in Sarpanch Elections history of Yadagirigutta it is reserved for SC (General) this time. 
First time Non-Congresss, Non-TDP supported candidate won this election here. 

Source : Namasthe Telangana epaper, 25.07.2013
Source : Eenadu epaper, 25.07.2013


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Marriage Procedure at Yadagirigutta Temple

who ever wants to celebrate marriage at Yadagirigutta SLNSD Temple has to get Registration of their marriage and provide the certificate of the same to temple authorities, then only they can permit for the marriage celebration at Temple premises, told E.O. Krishnaveni.  due to the so many legal issues they had taken this decision, she said.
Source Eenadu epaper, 20.07.2013


Tender Notice for various works at Yadagirigutta Temple

Tender Notice for various works at Yadagirigutta Temple
Source: Eenadu epaper, 20.07.2013


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Problems of Yadagirigutta Library - My Response

when i read the news article in Eenadu epaper, 30.09.2009 about our library bad conditions,  i felt very sad, since  I was a regular library reader there when i was in my hometown, and thought to do something. accordingly contacted to Eenadu Reporter R.Ashok there and did small contribution. (just for record)
EENADU, 30.09.2009
EENADU, 01.10.2009
EENADU, 04.12.2009
Sakshi, 04.12.2009


Udayabhanu Revlution Song

Just read and watched the Udayabhanu's revolution song through the net links and thought to share with you all.  like the powerful lyric sounding the punch of TELANGANA.
"ఆడు తెస్తడొ, ఈడు తెస్తడొ- అవ్వ ఇస్తదొ, అయ్య ఇస్తడొ..
ఎవ్వడిచ్చేదేందిరా - ఇది ఎవ్వని జాగీరురా
నీకు నువ్వే రాజువురా - నిన్ను యేలేటో డింకెవడురా.." 
to watch the video click here : 
complete lyric is below : 
  Source : Namasthe Telangana epaper, 17.07.2013


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yadagirigutta Panchayat Elections History

Yadagirigutta Grampachayat is mixed with two villages i.e. Yadagiripally and Gundlapally of Yadagirigutta Mandal, Nalgonda Dist.

The Sarpachs of Yadagirigutta till now are : 
1952 to 1995 - Vemula Laxmi Narsaiah (Continually 42 years) (Congress Supported)
1995 to 2010 - Kairamkonda Sridevi  (Continually 15 years) (TDP Supported)

Now we have to wait and see who will be next sarpanch, due to reservation above both are not in contesting.

mean while, a intresting story about Yadagirigutta Grampachayat published in Indian Express   on 15-07-2013 is as follows: ( Direct Link here )

The Yadagirigutta village was constituted as a grama panchayat with a population of 6,000 and was later converted as a major grama panchayat. Its present population is 17,362, of whom 9,653 are voters.

The panchayat raj system was introduced in 1952 and Vemula Lakshmi Narsaiah of the village was elected as the first sarpanch and had been re-elected unanimously continuously for 42 years thereafter. In accordance with the rule of reservation that came into force in 1995, the village sarpanch post was reserved for backward class women (BC women). Therefore, Lakshmi Narsimhaiah has not contested the post since 1995.

When he was sarpanch of the village, Narsimhaiah received a galaxy of dignitaries and top leaders of the country. They included the country’s presidents Rajendra Prasad, Sarvepalli Radhakrishna and Shankar Dhayal Sharma, and  many governors of the state. As sarpanch, he initiated and undertook a number of developmental activities in Yadagirigutta. He submitted several representations to the late prime minister PV Narasimha Rao on schemes for development of the village.  Narsimhaiah set a record as he served the village sarpanch for 42 long years continuously.

After the post of the sarpanch of Yadagirigutta reserved for BC (Women), Kairamkonda Sridevi was elected as the first woman sarpanch in 1995 and has been re-elected continuously ever since for 15 years.
Interestingly, Sridevi was elected as saranch once in the capacity of BC (Women), second time in the BC (General) category and for the third time again as BC (General). 

Now, for the forthcoming elections, the Yadagirigutta sarpanch post has been reserved for SC (General) candidates and neither Lakshmi Narsaiah nor K.Sridevi can contest the post now.

Source : The Indian Express 15.07.2013


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