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Monday, April 30, 2018

Yadadri MMTS running late

As per the news,  proposed MMTS to Yadadri project tenders has not opened due to some issues, which has been cleared between the Govt of Telangana and South Central railways, in result of this the tenders may open on 3rd of may. if the tender process complete and work starts it may take to two years to complete the project. it also mentioned that the project value was increased since the approved Railway budget of 2016 as Rs.330 Cr. to 412 Cr. in which Govt of Telangana will ready to fund 2/3 of the project value.

As per my observation, Yadadri MMTS works cant be success until the Hyd MMTS-II works complete and starts the trains, which works has been under progress from Ghatkesar to Moulali / Sanath Nagar.  Once this phase 2 comes in active, the extension of the works from Ghatkesar to Raigir (Yadadri) may come in to force. Phase 2 deadline is as per the news is Dec/2018. 

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Note : As the Central Govt approved Extension of MMTS trains (loca trains) to Raigir (Yadadri)  and laying the Third Line from Ghatkesar to Raigir in Rail Budget 2016 on 25-02-2016, which was proposed by the Telangana Honble CM #KCR to Railway Ministry of Govt of India and assured to fund the project value of 2/3. 

Eenadu 30-04-2018


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Yadadri Traffic Police Station

The First Traffic Police Station of Yadagirigutta Yadadri was inaugurated by Rachakonda Commissioner of Police Mahesh Bhagavath on 3rd April 2018 at Yadagirigutta.  Since the Telangana formation and YTDA establishment lots of development works are going on, in that Traffice police station also one of them. in comming days Police station at Uphill, Police Battalion, Police Staff Quarters are expecting in Yadagirigutta.

During the Inaugural function, CP Mahesh Bhagavath said, they trying to give awareness  to the people regarding the rules, regulations and laws. Also trying to implementing the same daily wise in friendly policing.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Shathaghatabhishekam - Yadadri Brahmotsavam 2018

The ending ceremony of Yadadri Brahmotsavam 2018 Shathaghatabhishekam, Purnahuthi and Dolotsavam celebrated  in SLNS Devastanam and the Brahmotsavam 2018 is completed.


Chakra Thirtham - Yadadri Brahmotsavam 2018

Chakra Thirtham - Yadadri Brahmotsavam 2018 on 26.02.2018


Rathothsavam - Yadadri Brahmotsavam 2018

As part of Yadadri Brahmotsavam 2018 Rathothsavam celebrated in Bala Alayam and also in the street of Yadagirigutta town in night second time in the history of SLNS Devastanam on 25.02.2018, Since the uphill temple reconstruction works are going on. 


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Brahmotsavam 2018 - Kalyana Mahotsavam at Bala Alayam

This is a Second year that Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy vaari Kalyana Mahotsavam was celebrated in Bala Alayam during the Brahmotsavam, Since the Re-Construction works is going on at the temple. Last year  Kalayana Mahotsavam celebrated two times once in mroning at Bala Alayam and in the evening at Down Town ZP High School Ground. the below pics are at Bala Alayam event. 



Edurukolu - Brhmotsavam 2018

As a part of Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy vary Brahmotsavam 2018 yesterday night 23.02.2018 Edurukollu Mahotsvam celebrated at Uphill of Yadadri. TS Govt Whip Smt Sunitha Mahender Reddy, Yadadri Bhongir Dist Collector Smt Anitha Ramchandran and SLNS, YTDA Offcials and lots of Devotees presented at the event. 


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Making of Yadadri 2018

Making of Yadadri, where ever we go in yadagirigutta every where YTDA's Constructions works finding, Raigir to Yadagirigutta 4 line Road, Raigir Mini Tank Bund Works, Yadadri Hill Main Temple Reconstruction works, behind Pedda Gutta Temple City Phase 1 works, Giri Pradaskshina Road works, President Suit works at Rajapet Road towards etc.,  during these all works and demolishing, Yadagirigutta is looking in new dimensions, will post more photos as am planning. But now just posting some construction works of Temple on Yadadri Hill. all photos taken recently by me.
Yadadri Hill view

East and North Gopuram construction with Stone only

North Gopuram works and Old Kalyana Mandapam

Main Temple Inside works Stone only 

Temple City Road works at Pedda Gutta, Yadadri Hill in Background

Yadagirigutta Town along with Yadadri hill view


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Yadadri Brahmotsavam 2018 - Murali Krishna Alankaram

Yadadri Brahmotsavam 2018 - Murali Krishna Alankaram


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