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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Yadadri and Sarrounding Developments 2018

After listening so many comments, What KCR did??? i just went out to see surrounding of my Hometown Yadagirigutta and found these all developments works in and around the Yadagirigutta Town and thought to digitalis here. 

Everybody known now in Telangana, after the formation of the State How much KCR concentrated about the development of the Yadagirigutta, there are lots of things to write but shortly i can say the followings : 
1. Land Acquisition of around 2000 Acres for the Devasthanam
2. Establishment of YTDA
3. Creating of new name Yadadri
4. Yadagirigutta Upgraded to Municipality
5. Yadadri Bhongir Dist Establishment
6. Sarrouning all roads laying with 4 lines
7. MMTS-3 Approval
8. Temples City for Accomodation of Devotees
9. Mini Shilparamam at Yadadri
10. Except the Garbalayam Whole Temple of the SLNS Devasthanm reconstructing with Stone Structures

there are more more to say and write but these are the very very important issues as of now, i strongly believe when these all developments works will complete, Yadadgirigutta will be the best destination to the devotees and as well as for the Tourist from around the Country. 

Work Progress Pictures are :


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