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Monday, December 28, 2009

ROB works at Raigir Station - Delaying

The Road over Bridge works at Raigir station Railway Track has been delaying since last few years which is on the main route of Bhongir-Yadagirigutta road and also for the Hyderabad travelers. It is causing many problems for the travelers, also for the surrounding villagers. Due to this works Raigiri – Yadagirigutta road completely closed and the vehicles are diverted through the Gangasani Pally village after bhongir where the said villagers are facing lots of problems due to the heavy traffic in village, dust and etc., it is also exceeding the traveling time for all. Authorities are confirming that they will complete this works before March 2010. But its looks like it will take more time as the current works are going very slow.
Source : Saakshi, 23.12.2009


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