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Sunday, May 16, 2010

No ATMs in Yadagirigutta

This is one of highly noticable news about the yadagirigutta which is highlighted by the local Eenadu Reporter and the tourists / visitors must know that ATMs are not available in Yadagirigutta. As we are observing lots of visitors are increasing day by day to Yadagirigutta but developments are not increasing in the same ratio., unfortunalty it is a fact. during my last vacation, me too ran to bhongir (14 Km from Yadagirigutta) on my bike to withdraw money from my ATM cards, it is very inconvinience but we dont have other option.
The same was highlited by the reporter and stating that one of bank has been displaying the banner as they are going to open a ATM since last few months, but till now they didnt opened it, and the visitors of the temple are facing lots of inconvinience where the ATMs are not available in whole yadagirigutta uphill /downhill and tourists are going to Bhongir, where ATMs are available for withdraw cash.
Hope the bank authorities will take immediate action.

Source : Eenadu, 15.05.2010


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