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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Calender Handedover to Winner

Yadagirigutta Calender 2012 handed over to Srinivas Kuruma Winner of Third Week  today, we both met at Secunderabad Railway station and had a Hyderabad's Kadak Alpha Irani Chay.  while in chit chat i wonder to know that he recently visited yadagirigutta for Narasimha Swamy Darshan, after that suddenly he saw yadagirigutta fan page on facebook and liked it. later his friends forced him to go yadagirigutta again with them and he again visited yadagirigutta and gave his head hair (thala Neelalu) there, when he comeback to hyderabad he received my message that he won the yadagirgutta calender, he wondered to knew that and not belived immediatly, thought it might be fake.  but when he received calender from me, he was very happy and  belived that great news and stongly trusted this as a blessing from Lord Yadagiri Narasimha Swamy.  Congrats Srinivas again...  as my experience also Believe in God, Trust God, he will give you what is best for you.  and love others.. Remember the great quotes of our Indian culture... మానవ సేవే మాధవ సేవ ... ధర్మో రక్షతి రక్షితః


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