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Friday, March 15, 2013

More Trains Halting at Raigir for Brahmotsavam 2013

As per the Media News, stated that SCR - CPRO K. Sambasivarao announced in press note that, during the Yadagirigutta Brahmotsavam 2013, more trains will be halt for 1 minute at Raigir Station which is the very nearest station for Yadagirigutta (Just 3 Km) from 19 March 2013 to 23rd March 2013 only. The Trains are Golconda Express, Bhagyanagar Express and Telangana Express. 
News clip source : epaper Eenadu, 15.03.2013

My Comment: Uff.... At last South Central Railway recognized that Raigir Station is important to Yadagirigutta tourists and devotees. Actually it should not just for the brahmotsavam, they has to give halt on permanent basis, and give more trains halting here, since Raigir Station is on a Main track of SCR which is going towards Hyderabad-New Delhi and Hyderabad-Vijayawada both sides, if they give more train halts here it will more helpful to the devotees and tourists of other states as well as other district people of the AP State.  Since the yadagirigutta popularity is growing day by day but the transport felicities are not developing as same. there was a demand from decades that SCR has to plan for a Yadagirigutta Railway Route and Station or to develop the Raigir Station and change the name of it as Yadagirigutta Road, but both are neglected from decades. any how it is a good news for now, hope they will realize the fact shortly.  I would like to highlight here, Hyderabad-Yadagirigutta 4 lines express road way was started recently and collecting money from every devotee through tollgate, but still SCR didnt realize that income source.


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