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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yadagirigutta traffic diverted for ROB works

Are you planning to go yadagirigutta, then please remember yadagirigutta road was closed at Raigir Railway gate for ROB works (Road over bridge) and traffic was diverted through Gangasani Pally for which you have to take left turn at Green lands hotel after bhongir town on NH 202 or take left turn at Wangapally village which is after Raigir village straight on NH 202 towards warangal while you are coming from hyderabad, if you are coming from the warangal route take right turns as mentioned above road.

The ROB works almost completed except the bridge work on the Railway track, due to the delaying between the authroties of the R&B and railways it is delayed more than 18 months now, finally Railway dept started their part of work on the railway track. expecting early completion of the works.

(Please note the construction works are completed and Road Over Bridge at Raigir Railway Station opened today 12-09-2011... so please do not consider above post. to maintain archive of the yadagirigutta records i don't like to delete this post)

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