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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Yadadri Inner Ring Road - Road Widening Issue

Since the Yadadri Temple Reconstruction Works started there are lots of Road widening issues occurred in Yadagirigutta Town. First plan was widening the Main Road only which is existing Yadagirigutta to Hyderabad road, second proposal came widening the Warangal road also in to 4 line road towards wangapally, again one more plan came the Yadadri Inner Ring Road which has been constructing around the Yadadri Hill now which connecting all the ways around the Yadadri i.e. Hyderbad Road, Warangal Road, Cheriyal Road, ECIL Road.

Yadadri Inner Ring Road Works
During these surveys, Changing of Plans, Proposals lots of confusions, instability and tension situations created in the effected area people, mostly the Main road side living people.Finally it seems that some clarity and expecting the finalization situation is near to come now, as the Authority is regularly discussing with the people, and finalizing the compensations, preparing the loss of reports etc., If all are in positive mode, the Yadadri Inner Ring Road Works may complete shortly as approx 80% of works completed around hill, remain works are in the residential area of town. 

There is a proposal of Yadadri Outer Ring Road also, will post it about Shortly. 


Latest Press Clips about the Ring Road Issue: Sourece Eenadu, Sakshi, Namaste Telangana


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Yadadri Latest Pictures

Yadadri Latest Pictures : 

Source : YTDA
Photography : K Ramesh Babu


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