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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Police Case filed on YS Jagan in Yadagirigutta Police Station

A Police Case has been filed on YS Jagan in Yadagirigutta Police Station yesterday 28.05.2010, while he tried to go Mahaboobabad in Intercity Express train, to start his Odarpu Yatra-2. Due to the Telanganites agitations throughout Warangal Dist and removing the plates on railway track, rail roko etc., the Intercity Express stopped at Wangapaplly (Yadagirigutta Mandal, Nalgonda Dist) Railway Station. at the same time firing was occurred in Mahaboobbad stn (Warangal Dist) due to the clashes between Congress and Telangana agitators, to prevent more violence, lately but Finally Govt taken decision and Yadagirigutta Police arrested YS Jagan on Section 151, later sent him back to Hyderabad on bail.

Source : Eenadu, 29.05.2010


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