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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Garbalaya Contravarsy - Yadagirigutta temple

In view of the huge rush at Yadagirigutta SLNS temple and in respect to the devotees convenience, temple authorities was decided to extend the entrance of the main Garbalaya (cave temple) and the works started as per the guidance and instructions of Sri China Jiyar Swamy. But after the completion of the works when Jiyar Swamiji and Endowment minister came to re-inaugurate the garbalaya entrance, swamji amazed and angry on the temple authorities that they were not followed his instructions, as he instructed to extend the entrance only but they tried to extend the cave itself with the drilling and cutting the cave rock. on the same day EO of the temple suspended. and the works restarted to correct again.

In the temple history it is first time that, devotee couldn't dharshan swavayambhu narasimha swamy in cave temple above one week and the main Narasimha idols were shifted to other part of the temple complex for dharshan. the cave was totally closed for public due to the renovation works.

As a native of Yadagirigutta, i was shocked when i see the pictures of the cave renovation works in Andhra Jyothy front page (as below) and in News channels, it looks like some body attacked on temple and destroyed it. i feel very very sad, how the temple authorities can do such irresponsible works, why they tried to change the cave shape, since it was a natural made. Hope the authorities will take care in future and respect the temple guideline and save the purity of the temple which only can save us all. DHARMO RAKSHATHI RAKSHITHAH (if you save dharma it will save you)

Content Source : Andhra Jyothy epaper, 23.02.2011


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