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Monday, September 12, 2011

Raigir-Yadagirigutta Road Over Bridge opened

Since the demand of the decades of the local people and the many tourists has come true today as the last Railway Gate problem on the Hyderabad-Yadagirigutta Road has been permanently solved with opening of the Road over bridge at Raigir Railway gate today officially.

I would like to recall here my old days in 1980s when there is no any over bridge at railway gates throuout hyderabad-yadagirigutta road, our first problem was starting from Ghatkeshkar Gate, if the goods train or slow train is going on track same as our route, then we had to stop at gate no.2 at before bibinagar and then gate no.3 out skirt of bibinagar, then Anantharam Gate at the entry point of Bhongir and last at Raigir. total 5 railway gates we had to cross to reach yadagirigutta, it was almost like a hell situation and approx 3 to 5 hours taken to destination of any side, and both sides of the railway gates permanent shops also started that time due to traffic halts there. finally now all ok for the travellers compare to old days.
Coming Soon: Since the 4 lines Yadagiri Express way is under constructions now from Pocharam to Raigir Village with bypass roads at Bhongir and etc., hope the yadagirigutta journey will be more fun for tourists. but the situation at Yadagirigutta should change lot as every Sunday / holiday tourists facing lots of problems in town with traffic jams and parking


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