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Saturday, March 3, 2012

VIP visits during Kalyanotsavam - Brahmotsavam2012

During the yadagirigutta brahmotsavam 2012 on Kalyanotsavam day Endowment Minister of  AP C Ramachandraiah, Cheif Secreterary of AP Pankaj Dwivedi, Aler MLA Bixamaih Goud Visit the Yadagirigutta temple and Presented Silk Clothes and Pearls to Lord Narasimha Swamy for Kalyanam on behalf of Govt of AP.  Temple Officials  and Local leaders were present there to welcome them.
Temple Officials and Priests Welcomes C Ramachandraiah, Endowment Minister of AP
Temple Officials (from left) Dorbala Bhasker Sharma, EO Prem Kumar, Gajivelli Ramesh Babu, G Raghu, Chairman Narasimha Murthy Presenting Memento to Endowment Minister C Ramachandraiah,  Bixmaiah Goud Aler MLA, also present at the moment

Temple Officials, Aler MLA Bixamaih Goud and Local leaders discussing with Endowment Minister C Ramachandraiah

Endowment Minister C Ramanchandraiah bringing the Silk Cloths for Laxmi Narasimha Kalynotsavam

Handing over of silk Cloths to Temple Officials and Priests

Temple Officials and priests welcomes Chief Secretary of AP Pankaj Dwiwedi


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