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Friday, January 10, 2020

Yadagirigutta Municipality Very First General Elections

Yadagirigutta A Grampanchayath and  A temples Town in Telangana State become a Municipality by the state Govt decision on 02-08-2018, and the First General Elections for said Municipality are going to be held on 22nd of January 2020. 

Yadagirigutta Municiapality established with Yadagirigutta Grampanchayth, alongwith Peddiredygudem, and Pathagutta hamlet villages which are the part of Datharpally Grampanchayath previously.

As per the Elections Voter list Yadagirigutta Municipality divided in to 12 Wards (in Grampanchayath there were 18 Wards) and the Reservation were confirmed based on the draw system as follows in that 50% reserved for Women as per the State Govt Decision: 

Ward 1 - BC (W)
Ward 2 - General
Ward 3 - SC General
Ward 4 - General (W)
Ward 5 - BC (W)
Ward 6 - ST
Ward 7 - General (W)
Ward 8 - BC
Ward 9 - BC
Ward 10 - General (W)
Ward 11 - General
Ward 12 - General (W)

And Finally Yadagirigutta Municipal Chairperson was reserved for BC Women, So first Chairperson of the Yadagirigutta will be a Woman, result will come on 25th January 2020 onwards. 

Other details about the Yadagirigutta Municipality: 

Total Population : 15,637
Voters : 12,304 (Men 6117, Women 6187)
Income : 2.50 Crores


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