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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bhongir Fort - Developments

Bhongir Fort, situated in Historical Municipal Town just 45 KM from the Hyderabad City, well connected with Bus and Train route, on the way to Yadagirigutta and just 14 KM far from Yadagirigutta. even with all this good qualities the fort was very much neglected by the AP Government Since decades, at last officials focused on the fort to develop it just before the formation of the Telangana state, as telanganites have been raising their voices that why the govt not concentrating the development of important places in telangana, why they are showing the bias.

Since my college days i have been very attracted with this fort and went to see it,  ( see more about bhongir and photos here ) and dreamed to see a great place. since last two dacades we have read so many paper news and videos in channels but there was no serious action from the officials. expecting they do this time.. if not also no problem, since the Telangana state is very near to form, the new government of Telangana will be surely develop this area Bhongir, Yadagirigutta, Kolanpaka etc., as the telanganite know the History and important of this locations. 

Project Highlights : 

  • Rope way from Bhongir Bypas to Bhongir Fort, {this will be the first rope way in Telangana, till now there are two rope ways in AP one in Vizag (Andhra), second in Srisailam (Rayalaseema). why there was no rope way in Telangana??? Bias???}
  • Rock Climibing School
  • Cafeteria, Amenities etc., on fort
Source : Eenadu epaper 07.09.2013


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