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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Danam Nagender said JAI TELANGANA

Health Minister of State Danam Nagender was going to Kolanpaka to attend a program, since Telangana agitations are going on throughout the Telangana region and also Danam had made some comments recently regarding the peace rally in Hyderabad etc., which made unhappy to the telangana people, meanwhile when the people came to know that he is coming to kolanpaka, the Aler citizens (before the kolanpaka village) made the rastha roko (block the road) and dharna.

In the critical situation he return to Hyderabad without attending the program at kolanpaka. Meanwhile, police came to know that in other villagers also preparing to make rastha roko for Danam Nagender convoy, then the police changed the route and take him through the complete rural areas of Yadagirigutta mandal. He faced the same situation in Saidapur, Yadagiripally villeges where he don’t have other option instead of saying “JAI TELANGANA” as the public demands him to say.

After the sri laxmi naraimha swamy darshan in yadagirigutta he went to Hyderabad again through the rural areas to prevent himself from the public.

I hope he understood that telangana agitations are rising from the people’s heart and from every villages of telangana as he tasted now.


Source : Eenadu & Saakshi, 17.01.2010


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