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Monday, May 30, 2011

Yadagirigutta Alternative Routes from Bhongir

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As you are aware from my previous post, Yadagirigutta main route from Bhongir-Raigir was closed due to the ROB works at Raigir Gate, So, i tried to show the alternative routes to reach yadagirigutta as shown in map above for tourists who are coming from hyderabad on NH 202. tourist from warangal side no problem as well as tourists from Kushaiguda-keesara-thurakapally no problem.

Red Line : this has been main route till now which is starting from Raigir Village after Bhongir on NH 202, which is temporarily closed now. so dont come on this route   (Raigir Road over Bridge opened on 12-09-2011)

Green Line : option 1, take left turn from Green lands hotel after Bhongir town towards Gangasani Pally village from there you can reach yadagirigutta, please be noted this is a single road.

Blue Line : option 2, after Bhongir cross the Raigir Village too. from Raigir village after 6 km straight on NH 202 you will reach to Wangapally village , take left turn from there to yadagirigutta which is again 6 KM from there. double road.

Check other detailed map click here


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